Abby In Norway

Well, I almost forgot to write this post.


Sorry Abbs.

And whoever my readers are (hi mom).

Anyhoo, Abigail came to visit me here in Norway last weekend! It was really fun having her around, but it was also the weekend before finals so I had a lot of studying to do.

I picked her up at the bus stop around two in the morning. That was a long night. I did not get a SIM card when I came to Norway, so when she got off the bus, texted me and received no reply, she got a little freaked out that she’d have to sleep in a gas station that night. Lo and behold, I was in the gas station with a few friends waiting for her bus to get in. So here comes Abby wandering into Deli de Luca, and I’m just so taken aback because I thought there were five more minutes until her bus got here.

The next day we walked around town and down by the sea. It was the first time I dipped my toes in the water actually. I showed her all my favorite things and we met up with some of my friends that night. I wish I could share Moss with everyone, but it was good that I could at least share it with one friend from home! The weather was extremely nice while Abby was here, so on Saturday we decided to go down by the lake (a reservoir) and try to give our skin some color. There was even a canoe that had been there since January, so we decided to borrow it and canoe around (thanks to whoever actually owns it).

Sunday was a studying day, but Abby headed to Sweden with a few of my friends. They needed to get alcohol, Snuis (like chewing tobacco but “better for you”), and candy. It’s the usual when it comes to shopping in Sweden. Monday Abbs and I took the train into Oslo for the day. I loved showing off the Norwegian countryside as we zipped by the fjord. We took the ferry out to the Folk Museum and went to the Nobel Peace Prize Center as well. I hadn’t been to either place yet so it was really fun being able to explore them. The Nobel Peace Prize Center was my favorite.

It was cool being able to show Abby around my home away from home. Next time we will see each other it’s going to be in the States, and that’s still a little too crazy for me to comprehend.

Thanks for reading,

Phoebe x



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