Hey there readers! My name is Phoebe. I am originally from Nebraska, but I decided to continue my college education in the great white north at the University of North Dakota. As a sophomore, I could not seem to leave the cold behind, so I decided to study abroad in Norway at the American College of Norway. It was an experience of a lifetime – if you don’t mind the cliché. As I said when this account was active, “check in every week to hear all about my adventures – they’ll be amusing and definitely a little weird.”

My favorite experiences from my time abroad:
1. Visiting Iceland and walking on a glacier!!!!
2. Taking an eight hour train ride to Bergen, Norway from Oslo (trust me, this is one of the coolest things you can do)
3. Taking a trip down to Morocco (I was in Europe and I decided to check out Africa as well)
4. Spontaneously deciding to go to Denmark for an afternoon, while I was in Sweden
5. Visiting my friend Abby in her home away from home (Scotland), and being able to host my friends in Norway
The picture above is from my time in Casablanca, Morocco. My friends and I decided to check out the beach at sunset, and it was spectacular.