Bergen – Is Bae

Do you ever go somewhere and realize you never want to leave?

That’s a little bit how I felt in Bergen. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Originally, Katie and I were going to travel to Bergen together on the train. We went to the Moss train station to buy our tickets and she went first. When I went to get mine, it said the 07:08 journey was sold out. Just my luck. So, instead of traveling together, we took different trains. I was bummed, but also a little happy that I could stay in my quiet bubble, looking out the window.

On Friday morning, I boarded the train headed for Bergen. It was an eight hour journey, and I loved every second of it. I didn’t want to get off the train. I just wanted to continue winding through the mountains of Norway. I would get back on the train in a heartbeat.

The views from the train were stunning. Seriously. If you are ever in Norway, you have to take the train from Oslo to Bergen. Or from Bergen to Oslo. Or both. Preferably both. I’m already planning on coming back, just for the train ride.

I didn’t talk to a single person for six hours. I only looked out the window, trying to soak up every breathtaking view. Eventually the older gentleman next to me realized I was very entranced by the world outside so he tapped me on the shoulder so I would notice the other window. There, mountains appeared in the distance, covered in beautiful white snow. I did not realize we would be passing through the snow, but we actually ended up going 1222 feet up. It was the highest that the train went. I was on top of the world, and it took my breath away.

The gentleman next to me continued talking my ear off the rest of the two hours. He was very nice, traveling with his wife and daughter back to Bergen from Oslo. He was almost fully deaf, having had a boating accident in 1971 when he was still a sailor, but his English was still way better than my Norwegian, and he mostly listened by reading lips. As we approached Bergen, he gave me his wife’s phone number in case I needed any help while there. Norwegians are some of then kindest people, but you just have to get them talking first.

When I got to Bergen, I took the bus out to Hans Christian’s house. He is a friend of Katie and I’s from Moss. His mom was the bomb. She was so cool, feeding us, chatting constantly, and providing us with a fluffball of a dog to play with. We took a walk that evening around their house. The views from there were even amazing. They lived right by the water, but who doesn’t in Bergen?

The next day, Katie and I headed into town to look around and shop a bit. It was really cool seeing the mountains and sea around ever corner as we walked the streets. I was very happy and content. Later in the afternoon Katie and I headed over to see HC’s football game. His American football game. It was weird seeing football in Norway. I kept getting confused about where I was. We caught the end of the game and HC’s team won.

The next day was awesome, except I forgot to put my memory card back in my camera the night before. That spoiled my mood at first, but once we started on our adventure, I was okay. It was time to walk up the hill, or mountain as HC liked to tell us. I really think it’s more of a large hill than mountain… Anyway, we hiked all the way to the top! I loved taking in the fresh air and seeing Bergen appear below us as we made our way up. I could have hiked that hill over and over. It was steep and long, but the view from the lookout deck was well worth it.

This trip has been fun and I don’t want it to end, partly because that means I leave Norway in…three days. I am almost positive I am going to cry a few times (or a lot) these next few days. Norway has become my home away from home and to think that I don’t know the next time I’ll be back is so, so sad.

Currently, Katie and I are in the airport waiting to get on our last flight together back to Oslo. Right now we’re up to a two hour delay because of fog. UPDATE: Our flight was cancelled, then we got rebooked for the 15:00 flight. Six hours late. Yay. After we get back, it’s going to be an insane day of packing and cleaning, a half day celebrating Norwegian Independence Day, and then off to Iceland for a few days before heading home!

Phoebe x





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