Three Weeks

img_7069So many people have asked me if I am excited to study abroad, and each time I respond with a “yeah!” But deep down, it doesn’t feel like I am actually going abroad. Since about fifth grade I’ve dreamed of traveling overseas, and now that it’s actually happening, I can’t wrap my head around it. I thought that maybe writing out my first blog post would help me realize that, yes I am going to Norway, but there are a number of things blocking out the truth of the fact that I will be in Norway in less than three weeks (ekk).

Reasons Why I’m Weirdly Not Freaking Out:

Welcome to my mind!

  1.  Finals are not over. Finals have been looming over my head for the past month, and now that they are here, I feel as though I barely have time for them, let alone all the last minute tasks that need to be completed before I jump seven hours ahead.
  2.  I haven’t packed. What does one need in Norway? Rain boots? Snow boots? Both? I’ve gotten a ton of advice from many different people that have traveled to Norway, live in Norway, or have just been abroad. Everyone has given me great advice, but the list of things needed (?) is so extensive, I can’t comprehend how the heck I’ll get it all in my suitcase and carry-on. My dream is that I’ll take all the right things and I won’t get to Moss and think, wait, where’s — ??
  3.  I’m focused on getting home for Christmas. I live pretty far from my family, and before going to Norway, I need to get home to spend some quality time with those I love. So although I cannot wait for all the adventures to begin, I must focus on my family first (happy Mom?).
  4.  It’s too good too be true? I have been thinking about this since FIFTH GRADE. It seems like eons ago that I began daydreaming about visiting the Greek islands or the forests of Germany, so to think that this is actually going to happen and that I will be able to stand in spots I’ve only seen in pictures, it seems too good to be true.

(This post only sort of helped me realize I’m going to a foreign country soon lol)

x Phoebe

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