The List

Time to get out there and explore!

My time in the US is ticking down. I’m nervous and excited and to keep with the excitement, I have decided to write a list of the places I’d like to visit while in Europe. I know I won’t be able to get to all of them and I know the list will change over the five months that I am abroad, but a starting point is always important.

This isn’t in a particular order:

1. Austria – Salzburg

2. Italy – Rome and everywhere

3. Greece – all of it

4. Germany – the castles

5. Portugal – Lisbon

6. Croatia – Dubrovnik

7. Spain – wherever Jackie is

8. Scotland – Edinburgh

9. Ireland – everywhere

10. Iceland – The Rift Valley

11. Morocco – I mean, I’ll be pretty close to Africa anyway…

My hope is that I can tick some of these countries off my list, and who knows, if I can’t get to all of them now, then I’ll just HAVE to come back!

x Phoebe


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