Time has been flying by here in Moss. I cannot believe that February is almost over. Things have been pretty calm, so I don’t have any big adventures to mention, but I want to share a few things that I’ve learned about Norway so far.

In the short time I’ve been here, I have come to find that Norwegians are very striking people. They are both very similar to Americans, and very different.

Two separate times on walks I’ve been stopped, once by the Jehovah’s Witness, and then by an older gentleman with his dog. Everyone said that Norwegians keep to themselves, but when it comes to walks, conversations with strangers are perfectly fine.

In both of those instances, after I stuttered that I only spoke English, they easily began talking to me in my native tongue. I cannot do that with any language I’ve attempted to learn and I am blown away by it.

Norwegians take pride in their country and what it has to offer. Whether it be their language, their food, their forests, or their wonderful freshwater, they are excited to tell you all about it and why you should love Norway like they do.

I never thought the United States was that big of a deal, but being in another country really makes you look at your own in a newfangled light. You’re exposed to a new perspective you may have never considered. I have found that Norwegians love America. I am not quite sure why…yes we have a lot of land, and people like to listen to our music, but other nations seriously look to us, for support, for inspiration, and for protection.

Norwegians are very sure that Mother Russia is going to attack them one day. I’ve never really considered it, but being this close to Russia (their borders touch if you look at the tip top of a map), I might be a little freaked out too.

Norwegians sneeze into their hands. Ciara would be appalled.

Norwegians curse in English. They may be having a conversation in Norwegian, but they throw in “shit” or “Jesus Christ” as easily as if it was their native language. I find it quite alarming because those are the only words I understand. I am attempting to learn some Norwegian, but it is slow going. So far I can say hi ‘hei hei’ and bye ‘ha det’ … I think I have a ways to go.

Norwegians love High School Musical and they love karaoke. They know more words to ‘We’re All In This Together’ than I do.

Norwegians love giant candy stores! The picture I have with this post is from one in Oslo that I’ve been two both times while in Oslo because Tess and the others just had to stop! Norwegian chocolate, specifically, is amazing.

So far those are the things that have struck me the most. I’m sure I’ll have another post about this by the time May rolls around.

In other new, I will in Spain, and then Morocco, in less than a week!! Be ready for a very lengthly post with lots and lots of pictures – especially of the food.

Phoebe x




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