The Last Update of February

Hey everyone!

I’ll be headed off to Spain in the next few days, so I decided to post my last update of the month. We get back to Norway just in time for March, so by the time I sort through my pictures and write up a post about this trip, it will be March, and hopefully it will feel a little like spring!

We love to throw small parties for this and that here at ACN. One evening a group of us decided to get pizzas from Dominos and eat them. It was great, and on Pizza Day coincidentally! Norwegians love to put some sort of white sauce on their pizza, I think it’s aioli, and then there’s Tess, who puts ketchup on hers…we all think that’s the weirdest.

On Valentine’s Day we had a small party at school with both cookies and coffee. The cookies were homemade by a few students here. We also had a photo booth to take pictures.

This past Thursday I was invited to attend the Oslo Fair with Becky, the advisor here, Nick, the media guy, and Tess, my roommate, to promote ACN to high school seniors. It was a blast. Tess and I got up early in the morning to take the train into Oslo. The streets were really icy so we were taking it slow, and then all of a sudden we both slipped on a patch of black ice. Tess caught herself, and I thought I caught myself too, but apparently not. One second I was upright and the next I was on the ground. I had my arms full of brochures so I couldn’t catch myself so my elbows went down to stop the blow. Thankfully I did not hit my head, but Tess thought I had broken my arm. I could still move my hand and everything, but I knew I’d have a bit of a bump, I just didn’t realize how bad the bump would be until we got on the train. Of course we laughed about it as we continued our journey to the station. We decided it would be best to walk even slower, thus looking like old grannies. When we finally sat down I took off my jacket and oh my god it looked like my bone was sticking out of my elbow. It was so, so nasty, but so, so funny. Tess and I started laughing again. My elbow had swollen up to the size of a ping pong ball. Today, about five days from the incident, my bruise is finally starting to show. I would post a picture, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

We eventually made it to Oslo, but before we went to the where the fair would be held, Oslo Spektrum, we grabbed some coffee. As we walked up to the giant building, Tess pointed out a hotel that Justin Bieber stayed at when he performed at the Spektrum.

The fair went by quickly and it was a blast. We talked to high school students about ACN. Some were very interested and I hope I see them at the Open House in March! It was fun meeting Norwegian students from around the country. I was also able to meet a few Americas as well, whether they were on an exchange year in high school, or moved to Norway after their education. Tess and I grabbed some lunch in between and I have to share this picture of the bread. It has so many grains in it! I feel extremely healthy eating it.

After we were done, we had to stop at the candy store to stock up on good Norwegian chocolate. They have stores like these all over Norway.

This weekend a few of us were invited over to Krista’s home to eat dinner with her and her husband Roger (pronounced Row grr – like rogue r). They had a ton of different kinds of hotdogs for us to try. From cheddar cheese, to bacon, to Danish, to just plain. I wish I had gotten a picture. They also had many different things out on the table that you can put on the hotdogs – shrimp salad, potato salad, mustard with full seeds, caramelized unions, BBQ sauce, some sort of corn salad and so on. It was great. I tried a lot of different combinations. They also had lefsa to use as hotdog buns. They’re basically soft taco shells, but made with potatoes. They’re very good, and then you don’t get full from eating so much bread and you can have four hotdogs instead of three. Roger also gave us moonshine to try. I figured I had to try some, I was in a different country and I wanted weird and funny adventures, right? It was an apple pie kind and although it was pretty strong (but only 35%), it was sweet. We had a wonderful time being at Krista and Roger’s home. They were very fun and it was very kind of them to invite us over. Being abroad is a great experience, but sometimes it’s nice to be in a home instead of an apartment.

That’s all I have for now! I’ll be off to southern Europe and Africa before some of you read this. I cannot wait to try all the food, get pictures of anything and everything, participate in siesta, and listen to the music. Thanks for reading!

Ha det!

x Phoebe


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